Friday, 3 February 2017


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This post is going to start a new series of posts on Underground Attraction.  We call it: “What does it mean when she…
These are going to be a quick and dirty posts that answer guys questions for them.   Any question that makes you wonder why women do what they really do.
If you have any question you would like answered please leave the questions in comments. We will bat the answer around our team of experts and come up with a quick (perhaps two paragraphs) answer.
For this first inaugural post we answer the question, “What does it mean when she says she needs some space
Quite frankly, if you are still into her, it Adultfrienedfinder means you screwed up!  She is no longer interested in you.  Right-or-wrong she is wants the relationship to end but doesn’t have the “female balls” to tell you that.
If you still have feelings for her this puts you in a sticky situation.  What can you do?  If you argue with her, all you do is firm up her position/argument.  If you just “give her space” like some chump you are only prolonging the inevitable.
So what is our answer for this tough question?
Push the point.  Don’t yell and scream and point.  If she  Adultfrienedfinder has lost interest in you, man up!  It is as much your fault as hers.  Perhaps you have been taking her for granted.  Perhaps the opposite is true.  Maybe you have been one of those guys who wait on her hand and foot.  You have become no challenge.
The specifics may differ, but you are still left with a decision.
The answer is make it into a peaceful relationship end.   Adultfrienedfinder think on it.  Perhaps she is right, you are not right for each other.  If that is the case, move on to a girl that is right for you.  On the other hand,  if she still is the object of your desire you need to give her room.
Don’t tell her she will miss you, show her.  Date a few other girls at  Adultfrienedfinder, then casually see if there is any renewed interest from her.  Try to figure out the things that changed from when she cared enough to date you to the time she needed “space”.   Work on that and work on your attraction.
You see there are things that attract women.  Sometimes even things that they do not always understand the reasons behind.  Is she says she needs some space, it is almost a sure thing that you have broken a few of the “rules of attraction”.  Fix those and see if there is any hope of repairing the relationship.